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Here is a great review from one of our mommy blogger ...... I Heart Motherhood

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Are you a mom of a newborn or maybe you are currently expecting? I know first hand how many hours each day are spent nursing or bottle feeding a newborn baby! It's a wonderful time to bond with your baby but it also requires a lot of sitting and patience. It's important to be comfortable and have the proper back support while your feeding your new bundle of joy, and thanks to One Z Pillow, moms everywhere are feeling super comfy during feedings!

The One Z Nursing Pillow is a four in one pillow designed specifically for mom and baby! Offering complete comfort, this will be the only pillow you need while breastfeeding or bottle feeding your little one! One Z Pillows are made in the USA with all baby safe materials and no flame retardants!

The One Z Pillow is easy to use! If your nursing your baby, simply place the large leg of the One Z Pillow behind your back and wrap the other longer leg around, then buckle it on your other side. You can even adjust the buckle as needed. Whether your resting on a bed or couch, the back will provide maximum support. It also helps alleviate neck and back pain as well!

If your bottle feeding your baby, place the One Z Pillow directly in front of you on a flat surface or you can wrap it around you. The One Z is also great for babies to use at tummy time, or toddler time, it offers infant support and can help with reflux!

I really love how easy the One Z Pillow is to use and I can't get over how soft it is! The One Z is available in a variety of color options like pink, light green, cream, blue and giraffes. You can even personalize the cover! The One Z Pillow would make a great baby shower gift as well!


Here is a great review from one of our nursing pillow mommy blogger ...... Six Time Mommy!

Breastfeeding can be hard, frustrating, uncomfortable, amazing, emotional, and an amazing bonding experience for you and your little one. But, one of the struggles I find a lot of people have during breastfeeding especially early on is being comfortable while doing so. If you aren’t comfortable while sitting and nursing your little nursling chances are [...]

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