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Here is a great review from one of our nursing pilow mommy blogger ...... Mommy Katie!

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With a new baby in the home, we find that having comfort available for both mom and baby is a necessity when it comes to being happy. I have found over the years that finding those products that help to add comfort for both mom and baby help for everyone. And when it comes to feedings, having a feeding pillow can be really handy in keeping both mom and baby comfortable and happy! Recently I was sent such a pillow when I was sent the One Z Nursing Pillow to review.

With the One Z, you get a pillow that offers breastfeeding, bottle feeding, support for baby, as well as a pillow that can be used for tummy time. I like that with breastfeeding, you can wrap the pillow around you, then use it as a support for your back and for holding baby during feedings. For bottle feeding, you can wrap it around you just like with breastfeeding or put it on a flat surface in front of you. You can also use the One Z for tummy time, for baby to relax on after a feeding to help with combating acid reflux, and continue to use it as your little one grows into a toddler!

Giving parents and baby a pillow that offers comfort and support that can help to keep everyone happy!



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