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Here is a great review from one of our nursing pillow mommy blogger ...... Six Time Mommy!

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Breastfeeding can be hard, frustrating, uncomfortable, amazing, emotional, and an amazing bonding experience for you and your little one. But, one of the struggles I find a lot of people have during breastfeeding especially early on is being comfortable while doing so. If you aren’t comfortable while sitting and nursing your little nursling chances are you won’t enjoy the process, and the bonding that comes with breastfeeding as much as you would if you were comfortable and content.

Early on I found having the right nursing pillow was key. As some of you may know Justin has been nursing since day 1, and still now at 2 years old (he just turned on September 9th!) we are still nursing. Our nursing relationship is a bit different now than it was back in the beginning because he is eating and drinking like the bigger kids, but nurses still for bedtime and nap time. But, one thing that hasn’t changed is that I like to be comfortable while nursing…

From the creators of the Twin Z Nursing Pillow (as seen on Shark Tank) comes the One Z Nursing Pillow.

I received a One Z Nursing Pillow in blue to review and was thrilled. My back has not been the same since having 5 (yes, FIVE) epidurals — I constantly have back pain, and unless I’m laying down nursing Justin it just is way too uncomfortable.

The One Z Nursing Pillow has been a tremendous help and has provided me much needed relief, but also Justin with comfort he needs while we enjoy our nursing experience.

What is the One Z Nursing Pillow?:
The One Z Nursing Pillow is a four in one pillow. With superb comfort this will be the one and only pillow you need while nursing or bottle feeding your little ones. One Z Pillows are made in the USA with baby safe materials.

How to Use while Nursing and Bottle Feeding:

Nursing: Place the large leg of the One Z behind your back, wrap the other longer leg around and buckle it on your other side. Adjust the buckle as needed. The back can rest on a bed or couch to provide support.

Bottle Feeding: You can wrap the pillow around you, or keep in front of you while you feed. Always use on a flat surface.


Not only is the pillow really comfortable for me, but Justin loves it too. When we aren’t nursing he loves to hug it and lay down on it. He even lays on it to watch tv, look at his little books and just relax on.

Did I mention that the older kids love this pillow too I have to often drag it away from them? True.

I also think this pillow would be AMAZING during pregnancy. I always had to use extra pillows, and couldn’t get comfortable. This one is the perfect size and I know I would use it if I ever became pregnant again. It’s a great multi purpose pillow, that you can use from pregnancy and beyond so it’s most definitely worth it.

Having Twins? No Problem! The creative folks over at One Z Nursing Pillow also have a Twin Z Nursing Pillow.

Never let your baby sleep on these pillows (or any!) it is not safe!



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