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Here is a great review from one of our nursing pillow mommy blogger ...... Cherry Blossoms the Blog

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Breastfeeding is best, we’ve all heard it before. There are some companies that even put this on their formula cans. But… sometimes it’s so hard! In the beginning, breastfeeding causes me some serious ouchies; bleeding and scabbing and mastitis and the list goes on and on. It takes a good month or so before I finally stop cringing every time that sweet little mouth latches on for more. I have to really convince myself that breastfeeding is best, and what I’m giving my child is essentially liquid gold, and was genetically engineered for my baby to be healthy and strong.

But why not make it more comfortable in the areas that we can control?? The One Z Pillow is the cure all for nursing comfort. Number one, it’s HUGE. I have used other nursing pillows in the past that are half the size of the One Z Pillow. I have spent countless hours sleeping in my glider chair- on accident- with that baby latched on to my version of Dairy Queen. I wake up in a panic realizing that I have fallen asleep and luckily for me, I’ve never had any slips. But with the One Z Pillow, that panic disappears. Baby is not going anywhere on this pillow. It covers every inch of panic and gives peace of mind to Mom.

Number two, it’s sooo soft. I love the minky fabric cover and the pillow itself would lure anyone to sleep. I’ve had to fight off my older three children constantly from pouncing all over it since I am trying to keep it clean and intact for little brother joining our family in a few months.

One Z Pillow nursing

Number three, the back support. Because of the size of the One Z Pillow, it’s made to wrap around Mom’s body and provide help in those awkward nursing situations. I hate when I can’t find another pillow to put behind me when I’m nursing. It leaves me with a sore back and neck, and a Mommy with a new baby doesn’t need one more aching pain to add to the list.

One Z Pillow back support

There’s more… One Z Pillow also comes as a Twin Z Pillow, so those Mommas with double the trouble can nurse two babies at once. Whew, those are some seriously awesome Mommas! If you aren’t a nursing Mommy, not to worry. I know it’s not for everyone, like I said, it’s super hard! You know this pillow will also give you the support you need when baby is gobbling down his bottle.

I am super excited to have the One Z pillow for breastfeeding pillow this go around. What a difference it will make to know that I am giving my baby that liquid gold he needs, and maximizing the ability to have the comfort we both need :)

We love the One Z Pillow so much we’re giving one away!


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