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Here is a great review from one of our mommy blogger ...... House Wife on a Mission!

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Sometimes nursing your baby can be uncomfortable, especially when your nursing for quite some time. What if I told you there is now a nursing pillow that has full back support, and is comfortable for both you and baby! The One Z Breastfeeding Pillow was designed with moms in mind, giving you and your baby the support and comfort during feeding time! The One Z Nursing Pillow was a smaller design from the original pillow The Twin Z Pillow. The Twin Z Pillow (for moms with twins) was seen on ABCs Show Shark Tank! So many moms asked for a pillow with a back support just like the Twin Z, but for moms with one baby, that is when the One Z Nursing Pillow was born!

How to use:
To Breastfeed-- To nurse your baby just place the large leg of the One Z behind your back, wrap the other longer leg around and buckle it on your other side. Adjust the buckle as needed. The back can rest on a bed or couch to provide maximum support. The One Z Pillow design provides necessary support for nursing moms. It helps alleviate neck and back pain that can be cause from nursing.

To bottle feed with the One Z, you can place it directly in front of your on a flat surface or you can wrap the One Z around you and bottle feed.

The One Z Pillow is also great for tummy time, infant support for reflux and toddler time!



Here is a great review from one of our mommy blogger ...... Birth Without Fear Blogger

One Z Pillow: Support For Baby And Momby Mrs. BWF on prepared for postpartum, I forgot a nursing pillow. Oops!So, I recently tried the One Z Pillow (they make the Twin Z Pillow), and absolutely fell in love with it! Not only is a great/sturdy support for breastfeeding, but it gives back support for the [...]

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Here is a great review from one of our mommy blogger ...... I Heart Motherhood

Are you a mom of a newborn or maybe you are currently expecting? I know first hand how many hours each day are spent nursing or bottle feeding a newborn baby! It's a wonderful time to bond with your baby but it also requires a lot of sitting and patience. It's important to be comfortable [...]

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Here is a great review from one of our nursing pillow mommy blogger ...... Six Time Mommy!

Breastfeeding can be hard, frustrating, uncomfortable, amazing, emotional, and an amazing bonding experience for you and your little one. But, one of the struggles I find a lot of people have during breastfeeding especially early on is being comfortable while doing so. If you aren’t comfortable while sitting and nursing your little nursling chances are [...]

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Here is a great review from one of our nursing pilow mommy blogger ...... Mommy Katie!

With a new baby in the home, we find that having comfort available for both mom and baby is a necessity when it comes to being happy. I have found over the years that finding those products that help to add comfort for both mom and baby help for everyone. And when it comes to [...]

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Here is a great review from one of our nursing pillow mommy blogger ...... Cherry Blossoms the Blog

Breastfeeding is best, we’ve all heard it before. There are some companies that even put this on their formula cans. But… sometimes it’s so hard! In the beginning, breastfeeding causes me some serious ouchies; bleeding and scabbing and mastitis and the list goes on and on. It takes a good month or so before I [...]

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The One Z Nursing Pillows are shipping!

We are so excited the pillows have arrived and we are shipping them out to all our new customers! For anyone new....The One Z Nursing Pillow, is a nursing pillow designed especially with moms. The One Z Breastfeeding pillow has an integrated back support unlike and other breastfeeding pillow on the market! Check it out!!

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Arrival of the pillows!

Our first batch of the One Z Nursing Pillows arrives Thursday! So excited to get them ship to you all!

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Introducing the One Z Pillow!

Welcome to the One Z Nursing Pillow blog!We are so excited about our upcoming launch! So many moms have told us how they would love to have a pillow like the Twin Z Nursing Pillow, but the Twin Z Nursing Pillow is made for twins. Well now it is here. The One Z Nursing [...]

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